Lesson 9 - Exercise

1.1.2022, , Izvor: Verlag Dashöfer

Lesson 9 – Exercise

Exercise 1

Decide which of these sentences are true or false:

  1. The Internet has a centralized distribution system.
  2. The Internet is very successful; the only disadvantage is that it is not flexible.
  3. If the Internet is to continue growing at the current enormous rate, several technical   problems must be solved.

Answer these questions shortly:

  1. How is it possible that the Internet allowed effective communication to so many people worldwide?
  2. What does e-commerce primarily consist of?

Exercise 2

Complete the beginnings of sentences below with the appropriate endings:

  1. An Intranet operates
  2. The Internet operates
  3. An Extranet operates
  4. outside the company or organization and is open to the public.
  5. inside the company or organization.
  6. outside the company or organization, but it‘s not open to the public.

Exercise 3

Complete the puzzle:


2 - a sequence of characters required to access your e-mail account

3 – means to scan through the Internet pages

4 - ISP stands for Internet

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