Lesson 9 - Comprehension Test

1.1.2022, , Izvor: Verlag Dashöfer

Lesson 9 – Comprehension Test

1. This letter was accidentally put through a paper shredder. Put it in the right order and focus on the appropriate layout.

  1. Utensans Ltd
        Leafing Street
        Loping Spa
        MN8 5PK
  2. 8 May 2006
  3. Black&White Ltd
        25 Hermine Road
        M15 PK
  4. Dear Mr. Blake,
  5. Best Regards
  6. In reply to your letter inquiring about the payment of goods received by us on 5 July 2005, we must apologize for the long delay. We will see to the payment immediately. 
  7. Re: Payment of Order No. 952 2
  8. Joshua
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