Lesson 8 - Exercise

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Lesson 8 – Exercise

Exercise 1

A few common expressions are enough for most telephone conversations. Practice these expressions by completing the following dialogue using the words listed here:

On  speak to  ack message  bad  put  number  call  ring  
secretary  through  office  speak  speaking  can  hello   
rang  hold  moment  through              

Switchboard: Good Morning, Conglomerate Group; can I help you?

Ann Kew (AK): Good Morning, could I ___ _____ ________ Mr. Lee?

Switchboard: Putting you __________.

Secretary (S): Hello, Mr. Lee‘s _______. ________ I help you?

(AK):________, can you hear me? It‘s a ________ line. Could you ________ up, please?

(S): Is that better? Who‘s ______, please?

(AK): Ann Kew from Parc Inc.

(S): Oh, hello. How nice to hear from you again. We haven‘t seen you for ages. How are you?

(AK): Fine, thanks. Could you ________ me ________ to Mr. Lee, please?

(S): _______ the line a moment. I‘ll see if he is in. I‘m sorry, I‘m afraid he‘s not in the ________at the _________. Could you give me your _________, and I‘ll ask him to _______ you________?

(AK): I‘m ______ 526 5693

(S): Would you like to leave any ________ for him?

(AK): No thanks. Just tell him I _________.

(S): Certainly. Nice to hear from you again.

(AK): I‘ll expect him to _________ me this afternoon, then. Thank you very much.

(S): You‘re welcome. Goodbye.

(AK): Goodbye.

Exercise 2

Over to you – answer the following questions:

  1. Have you ever experienced some misunderstandings on the phone?
  2. Could you give some more advice on leaving and taking messages?

Exercise 3

What do you think about voicemail?

  1. Do you use it yourself?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Exercise 4

After you get through to the person you want to speak to, and you want to fix a meeting, phrases in the

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