Lesson 8 - Answer key

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Lesson 8 – Answer key

Exercise 1:

In order:

  • - Speak to
  • - Through
  • - Office
  • - Can
  • - Hello
  • - Bad
  • - Speak
  • - Speaking
  • - Put
  • - Through
  • - Hold
  • - Office
  • - Moment
  • - Number
  • - Ring
  • - Back
  • - On
  • - Message
  • - Rang
  • - Call

Exercise 4:

F, B, J, A, H, D, K, E, I, C, G

Exercise 5:

Strange: 4, 2

Natural: 1, 3, 5

Exercise 6:

Arthur Wilde

Good Afternoon. This is Arthur Wilde calling from Oxford. Now, most of the people I‘ve talked to today were really hopeless. One of them was obviously lying when he filled in the application form. Do you know, he claimed to speak French, but when I started talking to him in French, he couldn‘t understand!

Well, definitely the best of all candidates was er…where do I have it…er John King (that is J-O-H-N K-I-N-G). He is quite young, he is only 21 and he‘s a graduate of Oxford University. He‘s got an MA in modern languages. Moreover, he has been working for the publicity department of Oxford City Council for half a year now. He speaks fluent French and his German is quite good too. He is a very pleasant lad, he seems a bit shy when you first talk to him, but when you get to know him better he‘s got a lovely sense of humor. I think he is very bright and very eager and I think he‘d fit in well with your people down in London. But, unfortunately he‘s not available until January the 1st.

If you want to contact him, his address is 143 Fillington park (that‘s F-I-L-L-I-N-G-T-O-N), Oxford, and the postcode is H9 3TF. Oh, and the phone number - 041 335 2558.

Report from: ARTHUR WILDE - OXFORDSuitable candidate: John KingAge: 21Education: Graduate of Oxford University (MA in modern languages)Languages: fluent French, quite good GermanWork Experience: Publicity Department of Oxford City Council (half a year)Personality: very pleasant, a bit shy when you talk to him for the first time, but when you get to know him, he has a lovely sense of humorAvailability:not available until January the 1stSuitability:very bright and eager, he‘d fit in well with your people in LondonAddress:143 Fillington Park, Oxford, H9 3TFPhone:041 335 2558   

Rosa Utter

Hello, this is Rosa Utter, I‘m calling from Manchester. I‘ve spent this morning interviewing five candidates and the best one is a Mrs. Alice Brown. (That‘s A-L-I-C-E B-R-O-W-N). Now, she is 24, she is married and has been working for Carthy & co, in marketing since leaving school. She has a lovely personality – very cheerful and bright. She speaks Italian fluently (her mother is Italian, her father is English). Her qualifications on paper are not all that good, she left school at 16 to do a secretarial course, but she‘s a very intelligent young woman – I was really impressed. She‘s been married for three years, no children. Moreover, her husband has just got a job in London, so she‘d be able to start work in London right away.

Her address is 15 Nightingale Road (I‘ll spell that – N-I-G-H-T-I-N-G-A-L-E), Chester (that‘s C-H-E-S-T-E-R), and the postcode is LM12 9QW. Her telephone number is: 0204 032579

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