Lesson 6 - Comprehension Test

1.1.2022, , Izvor: Verlag Dashöfer

Lesson 6 – Comprehension Test

1. Match the sentences beginnings (A - D) with the correct endings (1 - 4):

  1. Most of the farms are now marked oriented…
  2. British TV is a market-driven industry…
  3. Since 1992, Czech republic has had a much more market-led …
  4. Lack of investment and market orientation…


  1. …and less dependent on government money.
  2. …and it is the audience that decides the direction it takes.
  3. …led to falling sales and subsequently to falling profits.
  4. …approach to economics.


2. Complete the missing words in description of marketer Peter Sajt. Use the vocabulary connected with brands and branding.

My name is Peter Sajt. I come from Slovakia. I have been __________________ for Dobjed for whole of Slovakia and Czech republic since I graduated business school in Prague last spring. Dobjed is owned by a big international group. The market for animal food, especially cats and dogs is growing very fast. Therefore we are trying to increase __________

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