Lesson 5 - Leadership and Management Style

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Lesson 5 - Leadership and Management Style


Very often in business situation we find ourselves having to solve problems with clients or even our colleagues. In discussions we need to present and clarify our opinions and points of view. Sometimes, not all the people accept our opinions, we need to persuade them and sometimes we want to get people to do things for us. In all these situations, not only what we say, but also the way we say it, is very important, and often leads to success. All these areas are closely connected to managing people, management styles and leadership.

However, sometimes we may have to, for example, send a customer a reminder because they have not paid the invoice yet. Or we need to provide reports of serious events, or to write short memo to our colleague or boss. Even these activities can be easily learned, but they need a bit of practice.

  1. 1.1. Objectives of the Lesson
  • - To have the closer look on the topics of management ad leadership
  • - To practice usage of appropriate language and to learn new vocabulary connected with writing notes and reports, making and reporting decisions, persuasion, problem solving, techniques of clarifying, playing for time, accepting and denying responsibility
  • - To foster and deepen the knowledge of expressing future
  • - To foster new and already known vocabulary and phrases


2.1. Writing Notes and Reports, Making and Reporting Decisions

Planning and writing reports, taking notes and making summaries are important skills, which may be expected of everyone in the business. We tend to write reports only when it is really necessary, usually when our superiors ask us. Many people are afraid of writing reports. There is no good reason for this. Most of the time, writing a good report is a question of stopping and thinking about what it is you have to do and then doing it. And of course, it is a question of practice.

Moreover, there are several types of reports. They can be short, long, formal, informal, spoken or written, etc. for example:

  • - Memos
  • - Letters
  • - Special forms
  • - Conversations
  • - Separate documents, may be several pages long

Reports also may serve various purposes. Reports may inform, provide background information to help someone to make up their mind about something, make recommendation, or indicate a course of action.

There are many things you should do before you start drafting or writing the report. At first, you should assemble or prepare the material and then plan how you are going to write the report. The whole process of preparation and composition should consist of these phases:

  • - Assemble the material
  • - Plan the report
  • - Draft the report
  • - Edit your report

All the written reports should contain three main parts, which contain other elements, that are important but optional. Lets have a look at the following chart:

Parts Elements 
Introduction Objective or terms of reference  
Body Findings  
Final section Conclusions  

Every formal written report should have this structure. In some cases you may need to have elements such as recommendations or appendices, sometimes they are not necessary.

To sum up, from formal point of view, every report should have evident introduction, facts and conclusion.

Exercise 1: This is the annual report of the MOREX INTERNATIONAL written by Sebastian Filch. The problem is that the paragraphs are not in the right order. Therefore you have to read it carefully and put it into the correct order. The annual report starts with ”B“.


Annual report on office furniture

To: Peter Breiner

From: Sebastian Filch

  1. Overall, the past year has been positive one for MOREX INTERNATIONAL in all our major regions. This has been the case despite the variable conditions from country to country. The prospects for the coming year look favorable on the whole, and only the situation in Eastern Europe may give some cause for concern.
  2. Let me give you the results of my analysis of the international performance of MOREX INTERNATIONAL. Moreover, here are some predictions for the future development of the office furniture market.
  3. Especially MOREX in Idaho showed real profit improvement following the factory investments, which have led to more cost-effective
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