Lesson 5 - Excercise

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Lesson 5 - Excercise

Exercise 1

This is the annual report of the MOREX INTERNATIONAL written by Sebastian Filch. The problem is that the paragraphs are not in the right order. Therefore, you have to read it carefully and and put the paragraphs into the correct order. The annual report starts with ”B“.


Annual report on office furniture

To: Peter Breiner

From: Sebastian Filch

  • - H. Overall, the past year has been a positive one for MOREX INTERNATIONAL in all our major regions. This has been the case despite the variable conditions from country to country. The prospects for the coming year look favorable on the whole, and only the situation in Eastern Europe may give some cause for concern.
  • - Let me give you the results of my analysis of the international performance of MOREX INTERNATIONAL. Moreover, here are some predictions for the future development of the office furniture market.
  • - J. It was especially MOREX in Idaho that showed a real increase in profit following the factory investments, which have led to more cost-effective manufacture. The order book increased significantly during this year, despite the lack of any real improvement in the business climate in Idaho. This was due to the introduction of new storage products, aided by key changes to the sales management structure.
  • - K. MOREX furniture in the UK continued its profitable growth pattern. In marketing terms, the major events include extension to the B.C.D. – 02 system screen based furniture range which is proving such a popular product with major British companies. New storage products were also introduced in September. They were well received. And projected sales for next year are encouraging.
  • - L. The MOREX companies in Europe traded exceptionally well during the year, and new lines of products were introduced to extent B.C.D. executive seating range. The market conditions in France and Switzerland were favorable and MOREX seems to be able to take further advantage of this with systems furniture to be launched in these countries in the next three years. The German company
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