Lesson 4 - Exercise

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Lesson 4 - Exercise

Exercise 1

Listen to the speech again and have a look on the transcript of record below. This transcript has been structured in order to make listening easier for you. There are some gaps in the text, fill in the missing words:

Transcript of record:

What is Personal Time Management?

Personal Time Management is about controlling the use of your most valuable (and__________) resource. Consider these two questions: what would happen if you spent company money with as few safeguards as you spend company time? When was the last time you ­­­­­­­­__________ a review of your time allocation ?

The absence of Personal Time Management is characterized by last minute rushes to meet dead-lines, meetings which are either double booked or achieve nothing, days which seem somehow to slip unproductively by, crises which loom unexpected from nowhere. This sort of environment leads to inordinate stress and ________of performance: it must be stopped.

Poor time management is often a symptom of overconfidence: techniques, which used to work with small projects and workloads, are simply reused with large ones. But inefficiencies, which were insignificant in the small role, are ludicrous in the large. You cannot drive a motorbike like a bicycle, nor can you manage a supermarket-chain like a market stall. The demands, the problems and the payoffs for increased _________ are all larger as your responsibility grows; you must learn to apply proper techniques or be bettered by those who do. Possibly, the reason Time Management is poorly practiced is that it so seldom forms a measured

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