Lesson 3 - Exercise

1.1.2022, , Izvor: Verlag Dashöfer

Lesson 3 - Exercise


Lesson 3 - Exercise

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Exercise 1

Now, choose the style of the advert that suits you best and write a similar short advertisement. Don‘t forget to mention as many facts as possible (job description, location, benefits, salary…). Use words that are in bold in the advertisements above.

(Offered position: Regional Marketing Manager for range of interactive computer games)

Exercise 2

Answer the following questions about the text you have just read.

  1. What do the applicants usually do when applying for a job?
  2. What are the psychometric tests for?
  3. How do they check the references?

Exercise 3

Match each statement with one of the expressions from the list.

  1. severance payment 
  2. stock options  
  3. compensation package
  4. fat cat
  5. pension
  6. remuneration  
  7. performance-related
  8. Director of the company is  on a huge salary. But she does not deserve it.
  9. American term for all the benefits that employees receive.
  10. Formal word for all the pay that an employee receives.
  11. Money paid to those who have stopped
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