Lesson 2 - Exercise

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Lesson 2 - Exercise

Exercise 1

Choose the best word from the words in the brackets to fill the gap.

  1. We have 150 people on our __________ (recruitment/ business/payroll).
  2. Our main office is in Bratislava, but we have __________ all over the country (companies/places/ sites).
  3. Mrs. Kook is in charge of training in the human __________ department (resources/ staff/support).
  4. Our _________ department is responsible for recruitment. (employee/ worker/ personnel) Mr. Kook is the head of the ____________ team (staff/ management/ organization).

Exercise 2

Read the following article.

”Doplex is an international group based in the USA which produces also special equipment for professional and consumer markets. This group has subsidiaries in more European countries. The organization in Germany is very complicated so I suppose it is better to start at the top. There you will find Jordan Black who is everybody‘s boss. He controls all aspects of finance and moreover he is in permanent contact with our head office. Both I and Uma Stark, who is the other sales manager, report directly to Mr. Black. We are two sales managers

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