Lesson 12 - Excersise

1.1.2022, , Izvor: Verlag Dashöfer

Lesson 12 – Excersise

Exercise 1

Write a short paragraph on - what would be the difference if you had to present a claim to a

  1. Japanese business partner and to
  2. prospective customers in a youth radio debate?

Exercise 2

Think about how you would structure your speech, interact and what equipment/media you would use when presenting a quarterly report to an executive committee in following situations:

  1. having good market share and being the first presenter that day
  2. at the end of the day (when) after serious crises had been solved

Exercise 3

Try to complete the following text with vocabulary provided:

  1. distinctly
  2. adjust
  3. mumble
  4. slide
  5. jiggle
  6. severe
  7. particularly
  8. courtesy
  9. beforehand
  10. painlessly;

Do not (1) ________ or talk really quietly. It shouldn't be too much of a shock, but people can't hear you if you do. Remember the ones in the back (who are thinking of sneaking out early) and speak up and speak (2) __________ (so they'll stay).

No small fonts. Anything smaller than 24 point is probably a mistake. If you photocopy a paper from a book and project that, you deserve (3) _________ punishment.

Use lots of figures. A picture is worth a thousand words. If your work is very mathematical, try to create a presentation that consists entirely of pictures. Then go back and add one or two words per slide.

Point to the projection (screen), not the source ( transparency on the projector itself; computer or the LCD projector). Walk up to the screen and point at the bullet or picture. You are not blocking the projection and it's annoying to have a slide (4) ________ every time the speaker touches it. There are occasions when you cannot touch the screen directly. If that is the case, put your hand into the light and make shadow pictures.

Do not use a pointer. A pointer seems (5) _________ useful if you cannot reach the projection, however, it is not. Why? 

  • - If you're nervous, the pointer dramatically magnifies the shaking of your hand.
  • - People cannot find where a laser points very quickly.
  • - Very few speakers are capable of speaking without playing with the thing that's in their hands. It's distracting.


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