Lesson 11 - Comprehension test

1.1.2022, , Izvor: Verlag Dashöfer

Lesson 11 – Comprehension test

1. Pair Criteria for selection of attendees for meeting (1-6) with the explanations (a–f):

  1. Knowledge of subject area involved in the problem
  2. Commitment to solving the problem
  3. Space to participate
  4. Diversity of viewpoint
  5. Expressiveness
  6. Open-mindedness

  1. Participants should have vested interest to the problem
  2. Each person must have time to participate in decision-making activities
  3. Represented among participants should be the expertise required to develop a valid solution to the problem
  4. Participants must feel free to express facts, opinions, and feelings
  5. Participants must be willing to listen to each other
  6. Participants must be able to look at a problem in different ways to avoid patterned thinking

2. Complete sentences with words

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