Lesson 10 - Comprehension test

1.1.2022, , Izvor: Verlag Dashöfer

Lesson 10 – Comprehension test

1. Link the direct statements (a-b) to more diplomatic statements (1 - 5) with the same meaning:

  1. I want to look at the report now.
  2. We can't possibly do that!
  3. Next month is impossible.
  4. I am fed up with these late payments - this is the third time!
  5. This machinery is much too sophisticated for what we need.

  1. I am rather disturbed at these late payments; there have been a series of them.
  2. That would be rather difficult.
  3. I‘d like to look at the report now.
  4. This machinery is rather sophisticated. We feel we need something simpler.
  5. Wouldn‘t the month after next be more
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